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Ponderosa SEEDs

Self-esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance


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About Ponderosa SEEDs

Ponderosa SEEDs (Self-esteem, Empowerment, & Education through Dance) is a Flagstaff headquartered organization based on the Pomegranate SEEDS program in Santa Fe, NM.  SEEDs is an after school program, created and established by Founder/Director Myra Krien in 2001 to present young ladies with instruction in Middle Eastern Arts along with programming that promotes self-discovery and self-actualization, as well as providing a high level of mentorship to assist in preparing young women for independence.  The stated Mission of SEEDs is “To mentor young women in order to create healthy and strong individuals who are socially and fiscally responsible to themselves and their community.  This is accomplished through the vehicle of dance, specifically American Tribal Style (ATS) dance, talking circles, journal writing and presentations.”  The course will consist of up to 25 young ladies ages 13-18 year old participating in the program lasting one academic year of after school classes taking place 2 days a week for 1 1/2 hours a day. Participation is not dependent upon talent or ability to pay.  Scholarships are available.

Why "Ponderosa" SEEDs?

Why "Ponderosa SEEDs"? Self-esteem, Empowerment, & Education through Dance is about growth. The Ponderosa Pine Tree (Pinus ponderosa or Pipo) has a tap root that is as deep as the tree is tall. This is symbolic of how one must be grounded in knowledge to grow in their personal endeavors. Ponderosa's are able to root in virtually any soil inspiring the notion of thriving where you’re planted. Ponderosa’s are resistant to low intensity fires due to their thick bark. This brings to mind the idea of being able to ignore the unimportant things in life and spending energy where it’s most useful.

Why American Tribal Style Dance?

Dancing is a historical tradition.  Middle Eastern dance has a rich tradition that can be traced back to the 14th century BCE in Egyptian tomb paintings.  The term "belly dance" is thought to come from the phrase "danse de ventre" or "dance of the stomach," a term that first became popular at the beginning of the 20th century when it first came to the United States.  It was originally part of the Middle East fertility ceremonies and was meant to be by women for women and was never intended to be seen by men.

Since the introduction of Belly Dance to the United States it has seen many incarnations.  One variety that is uniquely American is the American Tribal Style (ATS) of belly dance.  It is a fusion of ethnic styles inspired by Middle Eastern dance but influenced by American creative influences.

American Tribal Style (ATS) does not represent a particular tribe but combines movement vocabulary and personalized regional costuming to form one interconnected dance form. 

The "American" tag recognizes that the dancers are continents away from the culture that created the original dance form and are taking imaginative liberty with it. 

One of the features that is classical to ATS is the "Lead and Follow" aspect of the dance.  This is characterized by one person leading a portion of the choreography and when a cue is given the leadership is changed to the next person, thereby creating an improvisational interactive group effort in any particular dance. 

Cooperation is paramount in the "Lead and Follow" aspect of this dance form.  By teaching young ladies the importance of the "Lead and Follow" in ATS they become leaders as well as learning how and when to follow; they build self confidence to handle the challenges of everyday life with grace and assurance.  They learn they are talented and beautiful individuals; that their bodies and minds are capable of amazing accomplishments. 

It is the foundation of the SEEDs program to bring ATS along with a strong mentor-based program to middle and high school ladies through an after school program.

To view video of ATS, please check out Youtube.com and use Fat Chance Belly Dance or FCBD for your search.  Sit back and enjoy!

Learn More About the SEEDs Program

Please visit the Pomegranate Studio web site to learn more about the SEEDs program.  I highly encourage you to view the video so you can see for yourself the impact of a SEEDs program on young ladies and their families. 

Ponderosa PINE

PINE (Practicing Intuitive Nurturing Everyday) is a program for women. It is based on the SEED philosophy and format, and will delve deeper into adult issues. It is my goal to workshops available regularly throughout 2014 and beyond.